About us

The State Forest Service(SFS) is a state administration civil institution with the Ministry of Agriculture, which is responsible for pursuing a unified forest policy in all the Latvia`s forests, controlling observance of the provisions of statutory acts, and implementing support programmes, in the long term aimed at ensuring sustainable forest management.

The SFS comprises the Central Office  and the territorial units - the State Regional Forest Districts, functioning as forest authority for a definite territory, and the entities for performing special tasks. The Forest Research Station is an entity for performing special tasks, intended to manage the forests of scientific research and ensure the continuity of forest research.

The following functions are within the SFS jurisdiction: control in all the Latvia’s forests of the observance of laws and regulations on forest management and utilisation, evaluate the legal effectiveness of forest management and utilisation laws, put forward proposals to the Ministry of Agriculture to increase the effectiveness of statutory acts, and participate in drafting the related laws and regulations, issue, as provided by the law, permits, certificates, licences, statements, and other documents, attest the sources of forest reproductive material and certify the forest reproductive material, follow up the situation with forest health and carry out forest monitoring, control the quality of forest inventory data, keep the State Register of Forests, test by an examination the hunters’ proficiency and issue the hunter’s certificates, keep a watch on forest fire safety and bring forest fires under control, administer the state and internationally financed support programmes related to forestry, keep the public informed of the situation with the forest and game animal resources and their utilisation, control the scientific forests, intended for long-term forestry research, provide information and consultancy to the forest owners on the forestry issues and the statutory provisions in forest management and utilisation.

In performing the functions delegated to it, the SFS cooperates with the State Control, Prosecutor General, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of the Environment Protection, the Home Guards, the Boarder Guards, and the respective departments of the said organisations, the local authorities and other organisations concerned, as well as with the public at large. Regarding controls over forest management and forest protection, the SFS cooperates with the respective international bodies and the organisations of foreign countries.